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ATOLLON Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Become a star for your customers with the excellence in technology service. By knowing your customer and their technology, you'll be able to provide great service that your customer will appreciate with loyalty and premium pricing. You'll get a competitive edge and your company will be the customer's first choice.

Your company as a service star

Improve your service levels with perfect overview. Enhance your company's image with tools that promote a positive perception of the quality of service and professionalism of your company in every customer contact.

Digitisation and sharing of service information

We make it easy for you to organize your service activities so you can focus on the essence of customer satisfaction and less on administration. Information and communication shared across your business will help in delivering great service. You'll eliminate unnecessary costs through increased productivity.

Deadline monitoring and automation

The automat will take care of all the deadlines for you, which is particularly useful when arranging BTK (safety and technical checks). Thanks to the automation of notifications, you will save a lot of time in service management and eliminate the problems of organizing service technicians' visits to the customer.

Professional outputs and custom forms

In addition to pre-prepared protocols (such as a "custom sheet"), input forms and generated documents can be easily customized. All customer-facing documentation gets a uniform look and feel and supports a professional company presentation.

Customer Service Stars

With ATOLLON, we have unified our complex business and service processes and simplified the work of our colleagues.

Nikol Hejlickova
MALCOM Marketing Manager

Team e-mail

No email to service will be missed and immediately create a service request from it. All subsequent conversation with the client is readily available in relation to service activity to anyone who needs to study the needs the customer's service needs. Even after years of of cooperation.

Technology tracking

Perfect record keeping and overview of the servicing of technology and equipment at the customer's site will make your company an indispensable member of the customer's team. The application and form designer allows you to record any type of equipment. The history of service interventions will improve the care of the customer's equipment.

Service activities

Service activities are the basic unit of service technician performance. It is used for service planning, reporting of work, which can be electronically signed by the customer on site. They serve as a basis for invoicing, can be extended with a photo gallery or a record of measured parameters of the technique. Together with the integrated communication with the customer, they form the service history of the equipment.

Forms and document creation

From the service order form to detailed service reports. All digitised and reportable, even for the purposes of a mass email to alert the customer. You can create (or edit) document templates in MS Word or Excel format yourself.

Case studies

How we help manage sales and service in a company selling agricultural and municipal equipment

Atollon has unified our processes and sales and service departments around customer, order and technical records.

Nikol Hejlickova
MALCOM Marketing Manager

How Český servis oken a dveří used ATOLLON to revolutionise customer care

Atollon has helped maintain quality customer care despite the sudden expansion of the family business.

Eva Liberda

Next steps to your excellence in field service

Once you give us the green light, we'll start working on simplifying and automating your customer focuesed business processes. We implement in an agile manner, i.e. as gentle as possible on the company's operations.

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Setup system

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