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Customer Success Platform – a revolutionary view of CRM

Automate customer related processes to maximise their success and thus yours


Lead management



Service and support

Billing & finance

Business Intelligence

Your anchor in a digital ocean

Enter the Digital Age without fear! Thanks to pre-built components and integrations, the path to digitizing your business can be surprisingly fast, easy and affordable.

Integration of customer-related applications

From all communication through lead management, sales, order execution, service, finance and controlling to planning and performance evaluation. We bring it all together for you in one single, easy-to-understand application.

Platform for online business support

Atollon is designed with an emphasis on automating the sale of products and services as well as online order execution. It supports hundreds of integrations with other applications that allow you to fully digitize your business.

Design of customized applications without the need for development

Even in the largest and most complex organizations, we are able to solve the problem of digitizing processes by simply configuring system properties. Atollon is a platform that allows you to create your own CRM for a fraction of the cost of custom development.

Free initial consultation

Do you like the idea that your customers' success doesn't have to be a matter of chance or extraordinary individual effort, but can be planned and managed? Then we have a lot in common. Don't hesitate to contact us and let's make the most of it.

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Four steps to higher productivity and better results

You need to start with a proper cleaning

Smart data structure

We will study your processes and anchor them in a simple structure. This will make life easier for people and machines in your company whenever they need access to relevant data - for example for analysis or reporting.

All data is entered into the system only once

It doesn't matter how big and complex your organization is. Data from all applications and from all users is automatically written to all parts of the system connected to the API immediately after entering it. Neither you nor your colleagues will ever have to fill in the relevant information twice.

Online overview of the activities of the entire organization

With Atollon, you get tools that make it easier for teams to work together across the company. Events and processes in the company are viewed from the perspective of customer and corporate top management, which provides sufficient distance to create the overall picture.

Automation of routine tasks

Integrated workflow

Automate all follow-up processes, increase the flexibility of your call center, automatically feed lead acquisitions, and handle tasks that get stuck.

Custom workflow plugins

Do you need to automate a very specific business process that no boxed solution can handle? No problem! We can handle even the most complex tasks.

Using data to grow your company and make the right decisions

Robust reporting

Accurate numbers and measurements will greatly increase your chances of achieving better results. Atollon allows you to measure and report at any frequency without the need for additional human intervention.

Automatic weekly reports

Do you have performance numbers that you often need to present to people who influence your results? We will prepare weekly reports that suit the needs of your business.

Integrated business intelligence

Measure the impact of your activities or compare the set goals with reality. And whenever you need it, using many different perspectives.

Integrate customers into your business processes

Close connection to the web

The integration of your online activities with Atollon will allow you to monitor literally every step of your customers on the Internet and offer them services corresponding to their current needs accordingly.

Customer portal

Create a virtual collaboration space with your customers where you can share data, tasks, or updated information about your services.

Online forms

Design and send questionnaires and other forms directly from Atollon so that you can immediately reflect the information obtained in business processes or service quality.

The engine of your company's growth

Mobile and productive user interface

Intuitive user interface

The data is stored in a cleverly designed structure and its entry into the system requires minimal effort.

Mobile access to information

The application runs on Mac OS X, desktop applications for Windows and tablets with Android and iOS. The calendar is also available offline using CalDAV and you can handle e-mail using a mobile web application.

Atollon will grow with your business

Enter the Digital Age without fear! Thanks to pre-built components and integrations
the path to digitizing your business can be surprisingly fast, easy and affordable.

Solutions for holding companies

Atollon will also bring order to holding-type organizations associating a larger number of companies.

Accounting in multiple currencies

Atollon will help in regions with multiple currencies and automate transfers of amounts.

Multilingual solution

Atollon operates independently of territorial and linguistic restrictions. It is optimized for working with remote access from the other side of the ocean.

What Atollon is not

Atollon is not an accounting or payroll system

However, it can be easily integrated with a number of tools of this type, such as Xero or your local accounting package.

Atollon is not a system for stock management or production

Atollon contains only basic information about stock status and transactions. For the purpose of more advanced logistics, it can be connected to specialized ERP systems, from which it can draw information on the movement of goods.

Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business? Try Atollon for real!

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