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How we help manage sales and service in a company selling agricultural and municipal equipment

How we help manage sales and service in a company selling agricultural and municipal equipment

A case study of MALCOM, a leading supplier of agricultural and municipal equipment.


MALCOM knows how challenging the decision can be when buying new equipment, whether it be a small tractor, mulcher, slope mower, boiler or shredder, so they strive to always provide their customers with accurate and relevant tailored solutions to meet their requirements to their satisfaction.   MALCOM is made up of experienced sales, service technicians and administration who do their job with a sense of good business, quality service and a comfortable client base. With over twenty years of active presence in the industry, they have built a stable and respected position in a competitive environment. This is helped by their wide portfolio of products, which allows them to come closer to their customers in terms of technical parameters and price requirements. 

ATOLLON selected for quality references and best price/performance ratio

MALCOM took a safe bet when selecting a system for managing sales and service activities, as ATOLLON is used by leading companies in many industries and is constantly evolving. ATOLLON has been closely integrated with the ABRA Flexi accounting system to create a tandem solution that could only be replaced by a costly investment in a large ERP system.  The best of both systems was thus leveraged. On the ATOLLON side the processes of sales, service, communication, workflow and reporting, on the ABRA Flexi side accounting, payroll and inventory. Both systems are connected in real time and have a very compact impression on the outside.

What tools have we deployed?

Business case

Orders and price quotations


Sales reporting


Product database


Purchase and sales orders

Field sevice

Service orders


Evidence of technology

What is the result? One program that everyone uses

What has the implementation of ATOLLON brought to MALCOM?

Uniform information entry system

Unification and recording of the entire business case from the creation of the price quotation to the handover protocol

Thanks to the Service Orders function, paper service orders are no longer used and everything is kept in the program.

The program allows you to analyse individual processes and thus identify reserves.

What has the implementation of ATOLLON brought to individual people in the company?


  • Sales records.
  • A single program with all customer and business information.
  • System for calculating order items.

Field service

  • Service order records.
  • Records of all service information about the technology being maintained.
  • Supporting documents for work statements.


  • Real-time monitoring of individual processes.
  • Management reporting.

Administration and finance

  • Calendar
  • Billing information
  • Records of email communication


The integration of ABRA Flexi with ATOLLON enabled the loading of spare parts into service orders and the creation of the necessary documents in the accounting program.

What are the benefits of ATOLLON for MALCOM customers?

Electronic recording of service orders increases the transparency of the relationship with the customer, it cannot happen that the customer disputes the performed and approved work. By keeping a record of the history of the technology and the service operations carried out, the information is easily accessible and we are able to respond quickly to customer requests.

ATOLLON is a sophisticated program designed primarily for medium and larger companies that already have experience with CRMs. Thanks to the complexity of the program, it is possible to monitor different processes from several different perspectives. The program is "live" and constantly evolving, which creates room for the development of tailor-made functions.

Nikol Hejlickova
MALCOM Marketing Manager

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