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Make it easy for marketing and sales to work together. This will be reflected in orders and customer satisfaction.

Make it easy for marketing and sales to work together. This will be reflected in orders and customer satisfaction.

Atollon Article | Obchod a marketing | 31/08/2021

In companies where marketing and sales work together, business runs like a well-oiled machine. By connecting both departments, you can receive significantly more orders. Let’s take a look at five different methods of how you and your customers can benefit from closer cooperation.

Reaction speed is key. The client appreciates it

Half of being successful is being the first to reach the customer with an offer. If the salesperson discovers in time which customers are interested in your services or products, they’ve already won 50% of the battle. The customer appreciates a quick reaction right as they’re dealing with any given issue.

Example: Most often customers send requests by email. At Atollon, you can make a new request, i.e., a business case, with a single click directly in the email. The entire team has access to the business case. The back-office or executive staff can react to the request, and the marketer then sees the specific reaction to the campaign. 

Conversion of e-mail to Deal

More energy to take care of the customer

The fluency in which information is handed over between marketing and sales fundamentally influences the effect campaigns have. Process complexity is also reflected in the reactions of the salesperson and consultant. If you eliminate the administration connected to distributing leads from marketing, the salespeople will have more energy, which they can then invest in the customer. As a result, the customer receives a faster and higher-quality solution.

Example: Various approaches for connecting marketing and commerce exist. At Atollon, marketing tools (mass mailing, call centre) are directly included in the platform. With these marketing tools, you don’t have to delay various system integrations, which saves you time and substantial financial resources. You can then invest in truly specific tools, such as web chat, video, lead tracking for identifying visitors to your website, etc.

Connected call centre

Better awareness of the customer’s motivations

Sales and marketing need to work together like a Swiss watch. To receive a complete picture of the situation, detailed information regarding potential clients must make its way to the salesperson. Every interaction plays its role, starting with the first contact and ending with the final reaction. Only then can the salesperson adequately and purposefully offer a service or product. Having received sufficient information allows them to skip the initial discovery phase and go straight to preparing questions to get to the heart of the matter. The customer will appreciate not being held up by general questions.

Example: As soon as the marketers are successful in gaining a new lead (potential customer), they hand them over to the salesperson or consultant. Thanks to Atollon, these employees have immediate access to the client information. They can then create a comprehensive overview of what the customer is requesting and prepare their dealings with precision.

Gauge the performance of marketing campaigns

If marketing is to continuously improve, it must necessarily measure how and what works. Compare which topics create greater interest for the customers. Analyse which email subject generates the most reactions. Discover which medium or tool brings the most requests. And, of course, which campaigns lead to the best business results. 

Example: By completely integrating the modules for marketing campaigns, deal management, finance, and business intelligence, you’ll receive an effective tool for driving marketing and sales with numbers. And that’s at a fraction of the price when compared to competitors’ tools. By connecting modules, you can easily quantify the effectiveness of a marketing campaign: The conversion rate both by the value of opportunities and real financial results.

Higher-quality offer targeting

In many companies, CRM is reserved exclusively for salespeople. This, however, is a mistake. Marketers can use CRM to find useful information about the request, which they can then apply to better target specific groups of leads, prospects, and clients. With this data in hand, they can help the salespeople to better formulate the offer. Directly connecting CRM with the specific tools for executing campaigns is also perfect for marketers. As a result, the customer receives exactly what they need.

Example: Reporting tools can extract business information, such as an overview of the current orders. Based on this data, marketing activities can then be organised in the direction of the current customers. You can easily create a report of prior interest or customer purchases, which can then be turned into a new marketing campaign. All this can be done without needing to export and import between various systems.

In short, the close connection of marketing, sales, order execution, and finance tools connected to Business Intelligence will increase the success of your sales, marketing campaigns, and customer satisfaction. And that’s exactly what we’re all striving for.

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