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New: Records of serviced technology

New: Records of serviced technology

Atollon Article | Service and support | 23/06/2022

If you provide service to your customers, you should not throw away a single opportunity to record information about the customer's installed technology in a structured way. This includes both currently serviced equipment and potential equipment that you want to work on in the future. Regardless of whether you or someone else supplied the technology.

A good record of your customers' installed technology will help you be the best assistant to your customers in ensuring the sustainability of their operations. It will also serve you to generate revenue from service activities. In addition to high quality service, complemented by professional communication with the help of ATOLLON, contracting other service events will be a breeze.

Who is the functionality for?

The typical user is a sales and service organization that takes care of its customers' installed technology throughout all phases of its life - from sale, installation, warranty service, regular safety inspections or post-warranty repairs.

What equipment can be recorded?

Atollon does not limit your imagination. From tractors, to laboratory instruments, petrol stations, electronics, to software licenses. During system configuration, you can define the types of equipment, their required details / tabs, related reports (documents generated during service intervention), reporting, etc. More experienced users can configure everything themselves. For those who do not have the time, an ATOLLON consultant will be happy to help.

Technology detail for service technician

What is the main benefit for our customer?

Service prevention and sustainability. You will help your customer to keep the technology running and thus ensure its own existence. Technology affects the comfort of our lives, the functioning and the economy of companies. You will ensure that your customer is not surprised by defects that you observe from your experience with other customers. You ensure preventive maintenance that helps keep homes warm in the winter, that production in the factory doesn't stop, that the farmer goes out into the field, that the doctor's equipment doesn't go out during surgery, that customers get SW patches that could put them at risk.

How difficult is it to get the functionality to work?

Depending on your requirements, this can range from a few minutes with a basic setup (e.g. if you just need to keep track of the name of the equipment and related documents and photos), to a few days with a large number of different types of equipment and complex records.

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