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Atollon Lagoon for Autumn 2014

Atollon Lagoon for Autumn 2014

ATOLLO_ARTICLE | Blog o produktech | 19/08/2014

Another set of new features and enhancements of our business growth & productivity platform Atollon Lagoon is here :-). We're happy to announce several major innovations that will support your sales & marketing activities, as well as your smoother cash flow.

Atollon Call Centre

We've implemented number of functions that will help you streamline processes in your call centre. Call centre workflow starts by importing contacts. Atollon allows you create several contact groups for setmentation and prepare your target contact groups, assign them to telephone operators as well as initiate fully customizable calling workflows. Atollon telephony integration with VoIP providers will allow you directly dial phone numbers from your Atollon CRM database. To validate your marketing efforts, you may run multiple campaign results reports.

Atollon Call Centre - contact detail

Atollon Call Centre Functions

  • Contacts import
  • Allocations of contacts/opportunities to call centre operators
  • Customizable calling workflows
  • Campaign statistics
  • Call centre (VoIP) integration

Invoice Approvals

One of the major innovations for Atollon Lagoon Autumn 2014 edition is brand new Invoice Approvals workflow. This new feature allows you send your invoices (both received & issued) for internal approval, before they are entered into your accounting system. We have prepare also several ERP/Accounting systems integrations and are ready to add new per request.

Invoice received approvals

The new Invoice Approvals workflow is part of our brand new Atollon Billing solution.

Management Finance / Controlling

Major improvement of our Finance module consists of new features that help you connect marketing / sales world with your internal production (Time Tracking / Project & Task Management). New features in Estimates & Invoicing modules allow you split costs / revenues by %, value or units easily into controlling variables. These allow you track your finance results per categories you define (such as Cost Centre, Revenue Centre, Organization Units, Product Categories, etc.)

Management Controlling - invoice transaction