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New Xero add-on: streamlined invoice workflow

New Xero add-on: streamlined invoice workflow

ATOLLO_ARTICLE | Blog o produktech | 18/02/2015

For modern digital enterprises that hate manual data entry. Digital invoice workflow from scanned or digital version to booked invoice in Xero with proper cost centre tracking in minutes.

Convert your paper-based business into a digital enterprise quickly and easily

Atollon eliminates the paper-based administration of any invoice, received or issued. The platform manages the automated import of received invoices, as well as the creation of new invoices and their distribution.

Avoid manual data entry

Upload all your scanned or digital invoices into Atollon Invoice Flow and we’ll process them further - extracting data and uploading back to Atollon in digital form ready for your approval.

Cost controlling

Accountants can revise whether line items as well as total amounts are correctly booked. Managers responsible for the cost centre or projects can enter Atollon and add customised tracking variables and cost centres, to each record or the whole invoice.