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CRM for Xero Accounting Firms

CRM for Xero Accounting Firms

ATOLLO_ARTICLE | Blog o produktech | 17/02/2015

A brand new solution that perfectly complements any modern practice using Xero.

Active CRM

Atollon is an active CRM solution that helps increase awareness about all the activities in your firm. This helps you provide outstanding professional services and make better decisions. Transparent communication improves the responsibility of individuals within in the team and increases trust throughout your organisation.

For ambitious entrepreneurs

Atollon is the perfect platform for companies with an innovative appetite. In the first phase, we quickly upgrade and streamline your processes to industry level standards. Next, we help you build and integrate customised features to grow your business and its processes.

Fully focused and dedicated

Atollon has been in development using cloud technologies since 2002. Our first versions were focused on solving the business process tasks connected to the management of mid to large size accounting firms - time-sheet tracking, project management, contact management as well as invoicing. Today, Atollon can do even more ...