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Billing Automation for Xero

Billing Automation for Xero

ATOLLO_ARTICLE | Blog o produktech | 18/02/2015

We're announcing the release of a brand new Billing Automation solution for Xero that allows you generate all your invoices with one click.

One-click invoicing

All draft invoices are created automatically over-night. In large businesses, the process of creating draft invoices is based on preset rules and may take one or more hours to prepare.

Mass customisation by design

The automobile industry has undergone transition from mass production to mass customisation. Every customer can order their own configuration of colour, equipment or torque. Atollon Billing gives you the same flexibility by allowing you to create your own custom conditions for each client (rates, value-based charging, service flat fees with budgeted hours, etc.). Atollon Billing handles all special conditions on your behalf, automatically.