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Atollon Robot at your service

Atollon Robot at your service

Atollon Article | Blog o produktech | 06/07/2023

We are excited to introduce you to a new innovation in the field of artificial intelligence integrated within the platform for customer-oriented business process management - ATOLLON Robot.

Save 90 minutes every day

ATOLLON Robot aspires to be your loyal and reliable ally on your company's path to growth. Its primary role is to enhance work productivity and uncover new growth opportunities for all ATOLLON users, ranging from marketing specialists, salespeople, consultants, service, user support, to finance staff.

Upgrade communication quality

We believe that with ATOLLON Robot, you can accelerate and improve the quality of your customer responses, eliminate communication errors, and boost your sales and marketing performance. ATOLLON Robot was born out of user feedback. It is continuously learning, and the first of many services it can offer you is email composition.

ATOLLON Robot's Premiere Service - Email Composition

Given that many of our users - from salespeople, marketers, to heads of customer support, service, and consultants - spend significant portions of their day handling email communications, ATOLLON Robot can help save this invaluable time for more productive usage.

ATOLLON Robot can assist in proofreading your emails to customers (it will review your text and suggest improvements) or even learn your writing style to expedite the drafting of your emails.

This assistance can enhance and accelerate your email communication. Amid the daily hustle, when the main focus is on work and crafting emails becomes a time-consuming task, ATOLLON Robot can reduce this workload to a minimum, ensuring you don't miss out on important points of your conversation with your customers, suppliers, or other partners.

Pioneering smart team e-mails since 2000

At ATOLLON, we were the pioneers in integrating email communication into CRM systems. We built our own email solution, deeply integrated with the company's business processes and customer information, right from the first version of the system, which has been in development since 2000. This foundation makes ATOLLON Robot's job easier, especially when communicating with customers. ATOLLON Robot can learn the necessary customer information and create messages that align with your customer relationship history.

Smarter than regular AI-enhanced e-mail

This means that ATOLLON Robot can accomplish more than a standard email client enhanced with artificial intelligence features. ATOLLON Robot has access to information that conventional email tools do not possess. ATOLLON Robot eagerly awaits the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities to you. Feel free to request a free trial.

Let us save you 90 minutes per day

Help us improve the service for you and answer 8 questions, we'll craft the Robot for you!

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