1. Privacy Statement

Atollon has created this privacy statement ("Statement") in order to demonstrate our commitment to customer privacy. Privacy on the ATOLLON.COM and any other Atollon web site (the "Site") is of high importance to us. Because we gather important information from our visitors and customers, we have established this Statement as a means to communicate our information gathering and dissemination practices. We reserve the right to change this Statement and will provide notification of the change at least thirty (30) business days prior to the change taking effect.

2. Collected Information

We may ask those who register to use the services offered on our Site (collectively, the "Service") to give us contact information, such as their name, company name, address, phone number, e-mail address, financial qualification and billing information such as billing name and address, credit card number, and the number of users within the organization that will be using the Service. At the time interest is expressed in attaining additional information, or when one registers for the Service, we may also ask for additional personal information, such as title, department name, fax number, or additional company information, such as annual revenues, number of employees, or industry. Customers can opt out of providing this additional information by not entering it when asked. Customers can update or remove their personal information at any time by logging into the Website and editing their Personal Information within Setup. Customers can view their updated profile to confirm their edits have been made. Atollon uses the information collected to set up the Service for individuals and their organizations. We may also use the information to contact customers to further discuss customer interest in our company, the Service that we provide, and to send information regarding our company or partners, such as promotions and events. Customers are invited to receive an email newsletter by providing an email address. Customer email addresses and any personal customer information will not be distributed or shared with third parties. Customers can opt out of being contacted by us, or receiving such information from us, at any time by sending an email to atollon ..at_sign.. atollon.com. Separately, customers are also asked to provide an email address when registering for the Service, in order to receive a username and password. We may also email information regarding updates to the Service or company, and will send a Customer Newsletter. Again, email will not be distributed or shared and customers can opt out of receiving any communication by emailing atollon ..at_sign.. atollon at the time it is distributed, or at the time any customer registers for the Service. Except as we explicitly state at the time we request information, or as provided for in the Atollon Subscription Agreement, we do not disclose to third parties the information provided. All financial and billing information that we collect through the Site is used solely to check the qualifications of prospective customers and to bill for the Service. This billing information is not used by Atollon for marketing or promotional purposes. Atollon uses a third-party intermediary to manage the credit card processing. This intermediary is solely a link in the distribution chain, and is not permitted to store, retain, or use the information provided, except for the sole purpose of credit card processing. Other third parties, such as content providers, may provide content on the web Site but they are not permitted to collect any information nor does Atollon share user information with these parties. Customers of the Service will be using the Site to host data and information ("Data"). Atollon will not review, share, distribute, print, or reference any such Data except as provided in the Atollon Subscription Agreement, or as may be required by law. Individual records may at times be viewed or accessed only for the purpose of resolving a problem, support issue, or suspected violation of the Subscription Agreement, or as may be required by law. Of course, customers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their user registration and password. Atollon may also collect certain information from visitors and customers of the Site, such as Internet addresses. This information is logged to help diagnose technical problems, and to administer our Site in order to constantly improve the quality of the Service. We may also track and analyze non-identifying and aggregate usage and volume statistical information from our visitors and customers and provide such information to third parties. If a user elects to use our referral service for informing a friend about our site, we ask them for the friend's name and email address. Atollon will automatically send the friend a one-time email inviting them to visit the site. Atollon does not store this information.

3. Cookies

When you interact with the atollon web and ATOLLON.COM system we strive to make that experience easy and meaningful. When you use our service we send a cookie to your computer. Cookies are files that Web browsers place on a computer's hard drive and are used to tell us whether customers and visitors have visited the Site previously. Standing alone, cookies do not identify you personally. They merely recognize your browser. Unless you choose to identify yourself to Atollon, either by responding to a promotional offer, opening an account, or registering for a 30-day Trial, you remain anonymous to Atollon. Cookies come in two flavors: session and persistent-based. Session cookies exist only during an online session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser software or turn off your computer. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you've closed your browser or turned off your computer. They include such information as a unique identifier for your browser. Atollon uses session cookies containing encrypted information to allow the system to uniquely identify you while you are logged in. This information allows Atollon to process your online transactions and requests. Session cookies help us make sure you are who you say you are after you've logged in and are required in order to use the Atollon application. Atollon uses persistent cookies, that only Atollon can read and use, to identify the fact that you are an Atollon customer or prior Atollon Website visitor (whatever the case may be). We are especially careful about the security and confidentiality of the information stored in persistent cookies. For example, we do not store account numbers or passwords in persistent cookies. Users who disable their Web browsers' ability to accept cookies will be able to browse our Website but will not be able to successfully use our Service. Third Party Cookies: We may from time to time engage third parties to track and analyze non-personally identifiable usage and volume statistical information from visitors to our website to help us administer our website and improve its quality. Such third parties may use cookies to help track visitor behavior. Such cookies will not be used to associate individual website visitors to any personally identifiable information. All data collected by such third parties on behalf of Atollon is used only to provide us with information on site usage and is not shared with any other third parties.

4. Security Statement

Atollon utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our application using the ATOLLON.COM client, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available only to registered Users in your organization. Your data will be completely inaccessible to your competitors. Atollon provides each User in your organization with a unique user name and password that must be entered each time a User logs on. Atollon issues a session "cookie" only to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of a specific session. The session "cookie" does not include either the username or password of the user. Atollon does not use "cookies" to store other confidential user and session information, but instead implements more advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded session IDs. In addition, Atollon is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

5. Correcting & Updating Your Information

If customers need to update or change registration information they may do so by editing the user or organization record. To update a User Profile, log on to ATOLLON.COM and change your existing company and personal information in contacts. To update billing information please email helpdesk ..at_sign.. atollon.com or call +44 20 8133 3340. To discontinue the Service and to have data returned, email helpdesk -at- atollon.com or call +44 20 8133 3340. Atollon will respond to your correction or update request within at most 30 days from the date of your request.

6. Additional Information

Questions regarding this Statement or the practices of this Site/Service should be directed to Atollon's Security Administrator by e-mailing such questions to atollon -at- atollon.com.