Access all your company data & team folders about clients or projects from one central location.
Shared company calendar & easy resource booking tool to allow you track events in relations to your clients & projects.
Task management that helps you deliver your job on time & in high quality.
E-mail & Communication
Store any e-mails, sms messages or internal communication in relation to your customers, business cases, projects, etc.
Atollon contact management allows you to store all your information around customers on one location, incl.
Store any documents in the relation to clients or projects. You can search documents in their content quickly.
Time and Expense Sheet
Enter your Time Sheet using several ways, either using Tasks, Calendar, Time Tracker or ad-hoc in relation to Projects.
Web Leads & Requests
Atollon makes it easy to organize all requests coming from your clients from various sources (e-mail, web forms or just word-of-mouth).
Reports enable authorized users get overview about data throughout the whole system.
You can create new Estimate directly in Atollon and store it in relation to Sales Opportunity.
Sales Opportunities
In relation to Sales Opportunities you can track any communication, sent Estimates, stored documents, tasks, etc.
Products & Price Lists
Track any information about all your (or 3rd party) products and services, with pricing information customizable to client groups or individual custom
Mass Mail
Mass correspondence allows you to send multiple e-mails at the same time, but treat recipients individually.
Issued Invoices
Get paid for your job quickly, using invoices generated from Atollon. Invoicing using Atollon tools is very easy.
Atollon Lagoon Professional will create draft invoices automatically for your approval.
Work Price Lists
Let the system do the work cost evaluation for you.
Recurring Fees
The billing fully automated. Recurring fees allow you set any frequency to your ongoing charges for your services.
Received Invoices
Track all your costs incurred to projects.
Profitability Reporting
Projects profitability report helps you gather instantly data from various sources, incl.
Our recruitment solution to fill your talent base with best candidates.
Business intelligence to drive the business growth of your company by numbers and targets.
Tools to take care about repeating business processes automatically.