Features and add-ons

Central point of communication with your team and company employees, with the overview about tasks, planned meetings or links to valuable information
E-mail and communication
Atollon's integrated communication allows you to store any e-mails, sms messages or internal notices in relation to your customers, business case
You can create new Estimate directly in Atollon CRM in relation to any Sales Opportunity, including e-mail that is automatically created based on temp
Products & prices
Atollon CRM allows you track catalog of goods & services, incl.
Tasks, calendar, reminders
Track your sales related Tasks, Meetings & Reminders to keep your important activities on top of your agenda.
Web Leads & Requests
Atollon makes it easy to organize all requests coming from your clients from various sources (e-mail, web forms or just word-of-mouth).
Sales reports
Reports enable authorized users get overview about data throughout the whole system.
Access all your company data & team folders.
Sales opportunity tracking
In relation to Sales Opportunities you can track any communication, sent Estimates, stored documents, tasks, etc.


CRM for your start with Atollon platform
22 USD
Your professional services CRM
36 USD
Advanced tools for your business growth