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How we increased the effectiveness of an HR agency by 15%

At mBlue, we united all the departments by our system. Atollon allows them to focus on clients’ and candidates’ needs – and achieve maximum productivity.

About the client

mBlue is one of the TOP 10 HR agencies in the Czech Republic

They have been on the market since 2011 and have more than 40 HR consultants today. They focus primarily on Specialized Recruitment and Executive Search. They are getting new employees to many leading companies.


We have implemented the system gradually not to burden the company

The mBlue staff approached us as they had great experience working with us in previous companies. We have been working with staffing agencies for years and are familiar with their internal processes. That is why we began to introduce Atollon in three steps.

  • Phase one

    More efficient employee search

    First, we focused on the company's core business.

    • Systematic work with profiles

      Atollon is the central repository for applicant profiles. Consultants do not store data on disk, manage the database in MS Excel or on paper. They click once and have all the files in a consistent format. The tool also allows searching by keywords or specific information.

    • Faster candidates search

      Atollon automatically imports and updates the candidate's data from CVs and profiles at It then assigns all information, documents, and emails to a relevant person or project. This helps the consultants to find and place candidates quickly and easily.

    • No duplicate addressing

      Consultants find out within seconds if a particular applicant already has a database record. They also learn if the information is up to date. That is the reason why one candidate will never be addressed several times anymore.

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Consultants have the capacity to use their specific know-how. Rather than performing routine tasks, they focus on more critical and creative work.

  • Phase two

    More efficient sales

    • Customer relationship management

      Atollon allows creating a customer profile, makes it easier to acquire new clients and handle orders. For example, a salesperson schedules meetings, invoice, or communicates with clients directly in the system.

    • Past and current evidence

      The tool makes it possible to file clients records as well as their requirements. Additionally, it contains a registry of placed candidates.

    • Smooth scalability

      Atollon system is suitable for all types of clients and offers convenient scalability options.

    • Automatic reporting

      All reports are automatically generated and ready customers review.

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Instead of looking for out-of-date information in the sheets, consultants focus on developing customer relationships. And, of course, take good care of existing clients.

  • Phase three

    Automated reporting and efficiency measurement

    • Business intelligence

      Atollon measures and analyzes data across teams and processes. As a result, the company management easily identifies weaknesses, profitable and loss-making activities.

    • Activities analysis

      The system generates analyzes for both customer and company management. Management obtains information on consultants performance, projects, and finance.

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Managers have all the information they need and do not waste their time acquiring them. They focus on developing their colleagues and projects.


Atollon delivers measurable positive results in three months

Honestly, if we did not have Atollon installed, I dare say that mBlue was definitely not where it is now.

Milan Mahovsky

managing director, mBlue

  • The company is 15% more efficient

    5 consultants now handle the volume of work for 6

  • Stable growth by 25% per year

    mBlue is a quarter bigger every year, and we contribute to this success

  • 100% more satisfied employees

    no routine tasks and reporting, they pursue key activities

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