Web Leads & Requests
Atollon makes it easy to organize all requests coming from your clients from various sources (e-mail, web forms or just word-of-mouth). Your clients will get updated overview about requests resolution using Atollon.com portal.
Reports enable authorized users get overview about data throughout the whole system. It is possible to combine information from projects, communication, tasks, finance, contacts, time sheet, sales opportunities, etc. It helps you make informed decisions.
You can create new Estimate directly in Atollon and store it in relation to Sales Opportunity. New e-mail is created based on template & stored on Sales Opportunity incl. all attached documents.
Sales Opportunities
In relation to Sales Opportunities you can track any communication, sent Estimates, stored documents, tasks, etc. They are valuable information source of your business planning.
Products & Price Lists
Track any information about all your (or 3rd party) products and services, with pricing information customizable to client groups or individual customers.
Mass Mail
Mass correspondence allows you to send multiple e-mails at the same time, but treat recipients individually. Any correspondence is tracked in relation to your clients or contacts.