Recruitment 3.0 the vision for the future of corporate recruiting. The influx of HR marketing.

Options, benefits and progressive necessity of HR marketing, corporate HR brand building and communication on social networks.

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Decrease in efficiency if the employee has left

Carl, who should I solve this problem with?

Knowledge management is a relatively young topic and is relatively an underrated segment of any business.

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Advantages of personalized mass mail in HR

"I do not have time for you, I'm not interested in you and you are an absolute waste of time to me." Although it may be true at any given time, the candidate should never read or hear this.

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Video Introduction of Atollon Fisherman for Talent Relationship Management

Atollon Fisherman is tool for Talent Relationships Management. It may allow you and your company track projects (Vacancies), applicants and selection procedures of applicants on vacancies.

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Smart eRecruitment solutions

In developing a new generation product for management of the recruitment process, we were motivated particularly to make the work of our clients' HR consultants as easy as possible.{C}

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