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In order to manage company properly, it is essentially important to form the goals, mission & vision. These must be supported by the selection of suitable people, whose actions are influenced by company rules, procedures or processes. Atollon helps manage companies with the help of technologies and offers various tightly integrated tools that help fulfill company goals, mission and vision. New contribution of Atollon to the set of tools is new "Welcome widget", that can be placed on the Atollon Lagoon desktop.

How the Welcome widget may help you?

  1. Thanks to the possibility to enter link to any document on the desktop, employees may get quick access to corporate rules or last version of manuals.
  2. Important information resources may be found on web pages, so it's possible to add link to important information resources
  3. The most important system functions and applications may be put on top of the desktop for easier access or in order to emphasize their priority
  4. Easier system management may bring the option to add link to any settings


Atollon employee portal

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