Electronic circulation of documents

Are piles of invoices you need to go through, approve and enter in your accounting system building up on your table? Do you need to allocate invoices to cost centres and frequently communicate with your accountant to ensure invoices are correctly classified in management accounting? Do you find this manual process inefficient, and that it often leads to limited control of company costs? Do you work with accountants who don’t happen to be based in the opposite office?

Innovation in the management of company finances

The new Atollon tool for the electronic exchange of documents between accountants and managers - Atollon Invoice Flow – makes exchanging documents intended for posting in an economic / ERP information system simple, fast and precise.

It connects to your existing system

Atollon Invoice Flow is an extension for existing accounting systems, including Pohoda, Helios, Byznys and Xero, while the addition of other information systems is no problem.


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Where money is concerned, precision and speed are essential

Atollon Invoice Flow allows you to enter new invoices immediately at the place they are received and to set up a simple approval workflow. Each invoice is received for approval by the manager who best knows the conditions of delivery and is able to easily decide on invoiced amounts and the correct allocation of costs to projects, cost centres, etc.

Try Atollon Invoice Flow and take control of company spending FREE OF CHARGE

The system also allows your accountant to pre-set posting of invoices in such a way that after final approval, they are entered in the accounting system without any further manual input.

Your projects under control

Atollon Invoice Flow speeds up the whole process of invoice receipt and approval, all the way through to their posting in the economic information system. This clarifies management finances and allows attention to be drawn to growing project costs before a problem occurs with their financing.


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Under unbeatable terms

Operation of the basic version of the system is free of charge. Integration with your economic information system is available for a reasonable price.

Benefits of the solution

Benefits for the client

  • Complete overview of costs
  • Simpler transfer of information on invoice cost centres
  • Quicker, streamlined invoice approval process

Benefits for the accounting company

  • Eliminate superfluous communication
  • Quick and precise transfer of information
  • Help the client and increase the value of your services