Atollon Lagoon for winter 2014

In 2014 we would like to wish you many happy times for your family, friends and yourself. We would like to help you with this through our company processes, successful deals and satisfied clients.

Completely new application contacts

Since the first contact module was created within Atollon Lagoon, many years have now passed and it is now time to completely re-innovate / overwrite it. We also suffer along with those users who "enjoy" manually entering contacts into the CRM system. To simplify this unenviable work, we have completely overwritten and rationalized the contacts, and have improved, among others:

  • Automatic adding of the ID number and the company address from company databases (according to the company name) for the CR and SR
  • Automatic adding of the location according to entering the postcode
  • Completely innovated the editing (mostly for 1 click)
  • Created easier relations to companies and other individuals, added contacts into groups, fields, contact links, etc.
  • Option to enter unlimited contact information (e-mail, telephones, etc.)
  • ...

Automated invoicing

For the winter issue of Atollon, we have prepared a principal innovation, which we have worked on for over a year, including preparation.  We will advise you of the new product in a separate notification. Within the Atollon Lagoon Professional application it is now possible to send invoices after entering the log sheet, repeated invoicing or other source materials with one click (based only on the approval of the automatically generated draft invoice)! Do not also forget about the option to set completely individual invoicing rules for individual clients or projects or jobs.

We apologize to everybody who has had to devote many hours of work to invoicing each month. Such long work is now firmly in the past!

We are now ready to help your business grow

Over the last year we have worked on numerous technical innovations which although not visible at first sight to the average user, are used by consultants and partners of Atollon. Our innovation, together with Atollon, will enable further growth of your company.

Automated system configuration

Scripting changes in the system configuration have enabled us to reduce costs for the support and implementation of the Atollon system, create field implementations and maintain consulting know-how.

100% cloud

The new version of Atollon enables us to operate purely "cloud multi-tenant" instances. We enable our clients to provide the Atollon Lagoon functionality under highly favourable price conditions.

A robust system for large installations

We have overwritten many functions that resulted in poor system performance on large installations.  The whole system is more robust, optimized for running large scale solutions processing millions of e-mails, hundreds of thousands of projects or contacts on a single system instance.  We are constantly adapting the robust character of reporting, access rights, etc.

100% API Web Services

In the latest version of Atollon we have added functions so it is possible to access all services for system setting and operation via the application interface for developers.  Moreover, due to the robust character, we have completely overwritten the communication module which mediates information between the application server with various integrations (accounting systems, company websites, etc.).

Devote time to yourself, your family and friends and try Atollon Lagoon Atollon Lagoon

Further innovations

Discounts in invoices and price calculations

When editing price calculations and invoices we have added the option to enter a discount. Put simply, time sometimes requires discounts :-(

Managing team productivity

We have added the function for monitoring and evaluating team performance into the work sheets. You can read more about these functions on our blog.

Welcome Widget

To individually present user priorities or to create in one place a list of references to important information sources, a new “welcome screen” function has been created to help you. See details at Atollon´s blog. In addition, you can now prepare various screens for each system user profile (dealers, consultants, management, etc.).

Setting the application

To aid user comfort, we have added a configurer to Atollon Lagoon so it is now possible to uniquely change the list of popular applications in the task bar or the list of applications displayed.

Standard texts into Worksheets

We added work support with default texts for worksheets into the application. What else can we do for you to reduce time spent on reporting and instead create more value for your clients?

Atollon Lagoon Recruitment: Mass Mail

Personnel employees certainly appreciate the option to send bulk e-mails to all selected applicants directly from searching.

You can find many other Atollon Lagoon innovations on our wiki.