Factor No. 1 in the growth of your company

Atollon together with the independent community of ICA advisers held a workshop dealing with the growth of firm in Prague in late February 2013. The task of the participants in the workshop was to define the driving engine for project growth in a company.

What is factor No. 1 in the growth of your company?
Without any major disagreements, all the participants agreed that it is first necessary to stimulate the trust between the seller and the purchaser in order to conclude a deal.
What helps to gain trust?

A renowned brand

A sales representative for a renowned company has this major advantage during negotiations and does not need to waste time by creating a feeling of safety i.e. trust in the company of the contractor. They can shorten their presentation to minimum and devote more time to the client’s problems.

Recommendation from credible individuals

As soon as the decision to purchase a product or service is made, the recommendation from a trusted individual is taken into consideration.  The recommendation means that the seller can skip the gap required for building of the trust and can immediately resolve the client’s problems.


The more transparent your company and its offer, without hidden changes in small grey letters, the greater the opportunity to quickly build the trust. Remove everything that can disturb the relation between your company and your client and your success will rapidly grow.

What helps to keep the trust?

Fulfilment of expectations

This means keeping to your promises, always try to give more than you promised. If you are to fulfil expectations, then make sure that you understand expectations of the client.

Transparency (2.)

Play with open cards from the beginning to the end. Try to prevent any negative surprises, e.g. invoicing unexpected amounts.

When we refer to transparency (to be clear), the article is written to support your knowledge of our perfect tool which will increase the transparency of your relations with clients.


How can Atollon Touch help you achieve greater transparency?

Atollon Touch helps to increase the professional character of business relations; in particular, it helps your clients to fully focus on both the operating and unfortunately, the negative requirements of your company. It enables for the client to specify the task of the job and to agree the price.  The course of the implementation of the job can be monitored in one fibre, always in the same place.

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Do you have any other tips on how to increase trust in business relations?